A Spring floral 1:1 class with student Carla Gottlieb, beautifully photographed by Joanna Millington.

Working with people in a beautiful space, when just the two us are engrossed in the ingredients we have in front of us is bliss. I love running classes: the none-stop shop talk, the social lunches and just that ‘getting-lost-in-the-work’ feeling is so motivating for me, and seems to give so much to those who come and take part.

A real focus for me this season, will be spending more time in classes, training people about the alchemy of growing, treating and arranging stems, to make compositions which have hidden depths and lives of their own. I’m very much looking forward to offering time to small groups as well as one-to-one classes – a different experience depending on which you choose, but I’glad to be offering the collaborative, inspiring environment you get with a group session, with the added bonus of the all important and oh-so illusive: networking. Plans for more elaborate retreats later in the season are in their infancy.

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