Flowers & Food have always been a favourite combination of mine. Perhaps it’s the natural connection, the freshness or the ritual of coming together at a beautiful table. Alas, I can not disconnect the two. And this is why the lunches on my one-to-one teaching days are so special, but I also heartily believe: the more the merrier!

With this in mind I’m announcing some small group classes, where groups of 3 students can come to enjoy a workshop day with me. As well as our urn arrangements and other learning for the day, we style our own lunch table, soak up the magic and create some wonderful photographic opportunities. Photographs are so special and important in our work, so having a professional photographer present to record the day, really puts the cherry on the cake.

March sees various activities hotting up at FlowersHQ, and growing begins in earnest. The sweet peas are a long way from flowering, but already so delicate and beautifully weedy. Thanks to an unexpected glut at a local nursery, I am the proud owner of yet more beautiful woody and meringue-like roses, and am looking forward to this year’s colour and shape combinations making their presence known. They’ll be joined by tall invaders from the North to create the particular brand of theatre I’m looking for this year.

This year’s wedding venues are a treat, with a return of some old favourites and opportunity to work with some exciting new places which have long remained the figure of all my dreams, so I do indeed feel blessed. Time well spent at Langley Abbey, Norfolk will launch the season, and my spirits, into the floral stratosphere. Petals will fly.


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