I’ll not be the first to say it, but there’s magic in the springtime for sure. Anticipation levels have reached new highs, and a visit to the nursery where this year’s stock rides out its infancy, does nothing to calm me.

I met Andy, a retired nurseryman, over a year ago who I have employed to sow the main supply of my flowers in his very large glasshouse, where he is sowing & growing like crazy for myself & Julie at Hillcrest Cut Flower Garden (see ranunculus tunnel photo below). Andy is a gem at looking after my babies until they arrive in my garden in late May, ready for planting out here at Flowers HQ. My seed trays are all sewn & set on benches, situated within his glass house, within another sectioned tunnel, undercover here on heated benches until signs of life appear. There are around 5000 plugs here as well as a few hundred in the tunnel & on every window sill in my house.  

joflowers green plugsjoflowers loveinapuffjoflowers glasshouse

My seeds were purchased in October,  once I had some inspiration of this year’s palette. My ideas for this year are, as ever, an evolution from previous years, and the colours certainly owe a lot to the late Summer sunsets.

They say in Norfolk “you get a lot of sky for your money” and it’s true. The breathtaking skies are a real inspiration to anyone working in a visual way, and the complexity of tones and hues leaves me reaching for a) my camera, and b) a seed catalogue! The greys of winter are fading to bright green around the garden now, and brighter, lighter afternoons show the way ahead.

joflowers norfolkskies

Digitalis, or foxgloves, are something I would never be without any year. In particular I’m delighted by ferruginea: a sandy, apricot colour with dramatic architectural stems. Foxgloves have excellent structure and a real sense of purpose to them, and undeniably these varieties hold the pallet of the season – rust and apricot meet hessian and ochre.

JF workshop resize-124

I am so delighted to be holding more classes this year, and the hearty fulfilment that comes with assisting others in their discovery of their artistic expression and practical skill, is just delightful. Please do have a peruse of the website for more information, I’m meeting the most wonderful people and we’re sharing such good, creative times. And lunches… oh the lunches. More info for you here.

joflowers classes1