The season’s are changing, Summer is upon us and we are quite literally watching the flowers grow here at Flowers HQ. It’s a race against time now to get all those 5000+ plug plants in and settled, whilst saying a little sun prayer and hoping for the reluctant Spring to overcome its shyness.

I don’t have a flower farm, and I’m not trying to change the world… But I do have a bijou garden in which to create some magic, and bearing that in mind, I use my space as sensibly as I can, with crop rotation and companion planting. As the tulips flop over and finish, the Dahlia’s poke through the soil, and as I have these in the same beds, I remove the bulbs around now to store, and then await the arrival of the new wave of blooms. For the past two years have run these beds in this way, keeping the dahlia tubers in over winter (and it is a pretty sheltered spot), covering with a warm blanket of steaming mushroom compost in January, and if need be, a cozy fleece too.


Roses, poppies, ranunculus are now starting to come into flower, and I’m watching my beloved foxgloves like a proverbial hawk, as these are my most favoured arrival.

I still have daffodils in perfect flower, which was an inspired error really, as I found some unplanted bulbs and popped these in the ground in January, which means I’m using daff’s in my work alongside early summer flowers such as Geum, foxgloves, orlaya & garden roses etc This serendipitous mistake has allowed some of my work to take on a lovely juxtaposed quality, and I enjoy the anarchic composition of flowers from different seasons. I’m a rebel at heart still.

My companions for classes of late have come from far and wide: Mexico, Singapore, Scotland and Australia – so feeling very grateful for the miles travelled and the wonderful opportunity to work with such lovely people as they develop their design and composition skills.