Cold and grey, moody days like these are too easy to forgive when the year ahead has so much in store. Change moves us all, and the seasons are in charge here at Flowers HQ, so while the fire is still crackling away and the snowdrops pop up to reassure us (just when we’re starting to lose the will) there is a real comfort in knowing the shift is coming. My work this year will have a core theme and structure to it, an approach I have long wanted to achieve, and the ground work of the past years have paved the way. The Rose, my beloved garden and work companion for so long, will now take centre stage and fulfill its true potential, as I approach this stem with renewed confidence and fresh attention.

Using butterscotch themes, antique linen notes and echoes of dusty apricots, I have at my fingertips a very exciting visual feast. The cold plum tones of the annuals which will marry with these beauties create a combination which is throwing my mind forwards to the spring, and I am fidgeting with anticipation.

In celebration of my gardening ‘best bud’ I will be returning to Green & Gorgeous in June to again work alongside the brilliant Rachel on a heavenly Rose inspired (nay, obsessed) day of cutting and arranging, with an extraordinary lunch. This day will be a feast for both the technical grower and those wanting to indulge further in the visual wonder of roses, so please do refer to the Green & Gorgeous website for more information and to book a space (of which there are only a few).

I think there are so many aspects to gardening that improve and reflect who we are, and this year I know I can rely on the strong structure of the roses, their textures and movements, to steer a steady course, and feel safe in the knowledge that, as my work evolves around them, this is definitely the journey I was meant to be on. Come along Spring, I’m ready when you are.


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